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Mike Souder - August 28, 2016

Attracting God

Grace and Hope

This Sunday we conclude our summer sermon series on the New Testament book of 1 Peter. As we have seen, remaining faithful through suffering is a key theme of the letter with the word “suffering” occurring 20 times. How can all this talk of suffering and submission and humility possibly be good news? Somehow, it seems that these are things that attract God’s attention. Peter concludes his letter with an amazing promise that when we humble ourselves, when we get honest with who we are and who He is, God gets involved in a unique way. When we surrender our lives to God and God’s ways, mysterious as they are, He will do what we couldn’t possibly do for ourselves. He will pull us out of the gutter. He will make us strong. He will make the way forward clear.

From Series: "Grace and Hope"

As Peter writes this letter to the Christians scattered throughout Asia Minor, they are already encountering some measure of persecution – and it appears that even more suffering is on the horizon. This letter is an encouragement to follow Christ’s example and remain faithful no matter what kind of suffering these trials produce. Throughout this short book in the New Testament, Peter urges believers to have hope and to continue trusting the Lord no matter what the circumstance.

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