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Sue Shank - December 10, 2017



Behold. It's not a word we use much -nor hear much -anymore...other than once a year within a few Christmas carols. Yet it's a word that fills the pages of Scripture! Within the account of Jesus' birth in the gospel of Luke, it is used 8 times alone! What is it about this word?? Is it there because "that's how people talked back then"? Is it there just to provide some "fluff & filler"? Or is there much more to this word?

From Series: "Adore"

Our Advent sermon series, "Adore", will be focusing on four simple words that are all a part of the Christmas story. This week, we'll focus on "Wait". There's a lot of waiting involved in the events surrounding Jesus' birth. And we'll get to see how some people waited well and some didn't. How about you? How well do you do when it comes to waiting on the Lord?

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