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JJ Slye - November 18, 2018

Better Together

Share 2018

What would it look like if you were good at everything? You never needed a helping hand; there wasn’t anything that was beyond your ability. People would constantly be looking to you, or even expecting you, to be the one to always ‘get the task done’. Think of all of the responsibility and pressure that would place on your shoulders. Without question, you would always be overwhelmed and overworked. Relax! Being good at everything  is impossible as we all have different strengths and weaknesses. There is ONE exception, however. There is one person that walked this earth that really could do it ALL. His name is Jesus and He gave his life for you so you don’t have to be good at everything. He gave His life for you so you could be a part of His family and do life with people that are strong where you are weak. This week in our "Share" series, we will talk about how to discover the God-given gifts that are inside of us. We'll also look at the importance of using our gifts not only for personal gain and satisfaction but also sharing them  for the greater mission of the Church.

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