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Katherine Johnson - July 8, 2018

Christ In You

Over All

A Christian is simply and profoundly one who is "in Christ". This mystery revealed (1:26) was a centerpiece of Paul's message as we find the phrase "in Christ" 172 times in his epistles! We are not only reconciled to God through Jesus' death, but through His indwelling presence the hope of glory (1:27) rests in us!

From Series: "Over All"

OVER ALL: a series on the book of Colossians. We'll be studying a letter from the apostle Paul to a group of believers in Colossae; believers who are being infiltrated with teaching that Jesus isn't God. It was critical to Paul that the Colossians were reminded of the full supremacy & greatness of Christ. He knew that how they saw Jesus affected every area of their lives. And doesn't the same hold true for us today?

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