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Sue Shank - November 5, 2017

Don't Forget


I wonder how often each of us as children had to be reminded by our parent(s) to share? If you now are a parent, any guess as to the number of times you have had to remind your child(ren) to share?? Why can't they just remember to share? It would make life so much easier! As we begin our new "Share" sermon series this week, we won't be looking so much at the methods of sharing but more so the heart attitude behind the sharing. This Sunday, we'll be looking at what the Bible says about being faithful to share; about not forgetting to share.

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Post-It Notes. Reminder function on an iPhone. Setting a timer. Leaving your car keys on top of the items in the office 'frig that you need to take home (Seriously...it works.) These are just a few of the things we use to help us remember things; to make sure we don't forget. Believe it or not, the Bible is another source of "don't forgets": don't forget the Lord, forget not all of His benefits; don't forget to do good; don't forget to share. As we begin our new sermon series this Sunday, "Share", we will start by looking at why in the world God would see a need to place a reminder in scripture for us to share? I mean, we're all adults, not 3 year olds. Shouldn't we know better by now? Shouldn't we??

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