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Merle Shank - April 9, 2017

Gentle King

Can You Believe It?

Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem marks the beginning of His final week of life on earth. He is focused and resolutely moving toward His final suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection. The crowds following Jesus are large because He has recently raised His friend Lazarus from the dead in nearby Bethany (John 11) and has given sight to blind Bartimaeus (Matt. 20:29-34) in nearby Jericho. The crowds in Jerusalem are enormous because it will be Passover in a few days. As we study this traditional Palm Sunday text, let’s dig a little deeper so that we can get a better glimpse at just exactly what God is doing. And as we see it, may we believe it!

From Series: "Can You Believe It?"

"Can You BELIEVE It?" "Can YOU Believe It?" Same words. Different emphasis. Different meaning. The events surrounding Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and His death & resurrection (Easter!) was seen by multiple people with many of them having various ideas of what was taking place. Same events. Different perspective. Different emphasis. Come join us this Sunday as we start our two-week Easter series, "Can You Believe It?" and see where the emphasis lies for you!

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