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Gordon Weirich - January 15, 2017

Go Out 2.0!

Go Out

In the 2ndweek in our GO OUT series, we’ll talk about what it looks like to love our neighbors; our “Judea & Samaria.” Here’s a little background: Judea and Samaria are two regions in Israel. When Jesus spoke these words 2000 years ago, He literally meant these two places (Acts 1:8). For us today, Judea and Samaria represent the next circle of our influence: our neighbors, community, city, county, region & state. These are the people that are geographically near you but aren’t your family and friends. You get the idea. On Sunday, we’ll look at another time that Jesus mentions Samaria: in the parable of the Good Samaritan. I believe this parable not only brings clarity on who Jesus says is our neighbor, but also clarifies what our motivation and strategy to love those in our Samaria should be.

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The start of each year is a time where many of us RESOLVE to improve some facet of our lives. Maybe we want to lose weight, or exercise, or take up a neglected hobby, or get out of debt, or find a job, or finally finish school, or … (fill in the blank). New Years are full of opportunity and possibility. And a new year can bring additional challenges, hardship, and disappointment. Is it wise to make New Year resolutions? Let’s look together at what God wants for us in the New Year.

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