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Sue Shank - February 26, 2017

I Am The Bread of Life

I Am

As we continue on in our series, "I AM", we'll be looking at one of the seven "I Am" statements of Jesus in the gospel of John: "I AM the bread of life". Huh? This was a rather radical statement for the Jewish people to hear. It made no sense to them...and it actually offended them. So, you're not alone if this statement makes no sense to you either...or even bothers you! But the one who IS Truth (John 14:6) spoke these words OF truth! Let's go deeper and grow deeper as we look into what Jesus meant when He said, "I AM the bread of life".

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Parents-to-be spend hours (days? weeks? months?) discussing it. It sticks with us for our entire life. It has meaning, significance, maybe even history attached to it. We can love it or hate it. You hear it every day. What is "it"? A name...your name. It identifies you! In Exodus 3:14, God also identifies Himself with a name: I AM ("Tell them I AM has sent me to you.") This Sunday, we will begin a new sermon series: I AM. Over the coming weeks, we'll be looking at some of the many "I Am" statements made by God and Jesus throughout scripture. As we learn more about who God is, we'll learn more about who we are in Christ. A win-win! We are really excited about this sermon series and can't wait to get started this Sunday!

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