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Mike Souder - March 26, 2017

I Am The Resurrection and The Life

I Am

This Sunday we continue on our 8-week Sunday sermon series entitled “I Am”. We’ll review the story of a man named Lazarus that Jesus raised from the dead and we’ll consider the meaning of his declaration: “I am the resurrection and the life”. This miracle and this statement likely attracted more attention than anything else Jesus said or did while on earth. You were either going to love him or hate him. And people did both.

From Series: "I Am"

Parents-to-be spend hours (days? weeks? months?) discussing it. It sticks with us for our entire life. It has meaning, significance, maybe even history attached to it. We can love it or hate it. You hear it every day. What is "it"? A name...your name. It identifies you! In Exodus 3:14, God also identifies Himself with a name: I AM ("Tell them I AM has sent me to you.") This Sunday, we will begin a new sermon series: I AM. Over the coming weeks, we'll be looking at some of the many "I Am" statements made by God and Jesus throughout scripture. As we learn more about who God is, we'll learn more about who we are in Christ. A win-win! We are really excited about this sermon series and can't wait to get started this Sunday!

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