Merle Shank - March 12, 2017

I Am The Way, The Truth, The Life

I Am

We all like knowing where we are going and where the road we are on is leading, right? Will we get there on time? Will we get there at all? Do I really trust this GPS thing, or should I pull out the trusty old-school folded paper map? Or even better, let’s make sure we have an atlas. You never have to fear going off the page when you have a full atlas in your hands! The disciples were much like us – they wanted to know the way things were going to turn out. And they were struggling with Jesus’ answers to their uncertainty. Join us as we explore what it means for Jesus to be “the way, the truth, and the life.”

From Series: "I Am"

Parents-to-be spend hours (days? weeks? months?) discussing it. It sticks with us for our entire life. It has meaning, significance, maybe even history attached to it. We can love it or hate it. You hear it every day. What is "it"? A name...your name. It identifies you! In Exodus 3:14, God also identifies Himself with a name: I AM ("Tell them I AM has sent me to you.") This Sunday, we will begin a new sermon series: I AM. Over the coming weeks, we'll be looking at some of the many "I Am" statements made by God and Jesus throughout scripture. As we learn more about who God is, we'll learn more about who we are in Christ. A win-win! We are really excited about this sermon series and can't wait to get started this Sunday!

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