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Mike Souder - April 30, 2017

What Now Peter? When Life Doesn't Go as Planned

I used to think life was linear. I expected things to occur in a certain progression; to go in a more-or-less straight line forward. And then I hit a curve...and then another curve and another. Were these curves my fault, the fault of others or what? And where was God in all of this? The question for this Sunday, and for the next few weeks of sermons, is "WHAT NOW?" What do I do, where do I turn when life doesn’t go as expected? How do I make sense of the disappointments of life? How do I overcome discouragement, disillusionments and other “dis” experiences and move on with the life God intended me to live? This week, we’ll look at a few of these questions as we consider the life of Jesus' friend, Peter.

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