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Merle Shank - October 7, 2018

Is Jesus Really God?

Explore God

There was a time when you and I didn’t fully understand who Jesus is. And some of us continue to wonder if we understand. That’s the way faith is – messy and not very concrete. Faith is having hope and confidence in things that we cannot prove. And yet, billions of people over the course of two thousand years have concluded that Jesus is no ordinary man. How did they come to that conclusion? What is your conclusion about Jesus?

From Series: "Explore God"

People who explore do so for the purpose of discovery. They want to look closely into, scrutinize, examine and learn about a particular object/person/topic. What would it look like to explore God? What if we looked closely at some of the "big" questions about God...questions like "Why does God allow pain & suffering?", "Does life have a purpose?" or "Is the Bible reliable?" Come join us this Sunday as we - along with 12 other local churches - begin a 7 week series entitled "Explore God". This series will be a great opportunity for each of one us to look deeper into some of these big questions...and an even better opportunity for us to bring someone(s) to church with us who may not be walking with the Lord...yet.

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