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Merle Shank - February 8, 2015

Jesus “Division Destroyer”

New Life

Jesus is the ultimate barrier breaker – He has removed the great divide of sin between us and God and He has removed every basis of division among His followers (us). His perfect, complete work on the cross has unified us and overcome every barrier – visible and invisible. No matter how far away we have been, no matter how close we feel, Jesus has united us with God and with one another. No barrier, no wall of hostility, nothing remains that can keep us separated from Him nor from one another.

From Series: "New Life"

Yes, it’s true; Jesus is returning. We know where, why and for whom, but we don’t know when. Mainly a hope in the past for Christians under pressure and persecution, to us in the West it’s a distant prospect. When life is good and prosperous, Christ’s return is not always “eagerly anticipated.” On Sunday we will look at the subject (hopefully without controversy!) with a view to challenging people to live their lives in light of His Glorious Appearing.

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