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Mike Souder - May 27, 2018

Joseph For All of Us


Many of us live under the illusion that we are in control of our lives. To some degree, it’s true. We are responsible for our choices, our actions and therefore for our lives. And yet, we don’t have as much control as we think. Crises of all types close & open doors and force us to wake up to the reality that there are other “players” in our story. Those around us impact our story for better and for worse. More importantly, spiritual forces impact us and most importantly, God has plans for our good and the good of all creation. This Sunday, we begin a new series that will look closely at the life of Joseph, the biblical character found in Genesis 37-50. We’ll see Joseph as a “Christ-figure” who unknowingly gives us a picture of the future Jesus as he leads a country to their salvation. We’ll also see the Joseph in all of us. We'll consider a variety of priceless life-lessons that can help us learn from both his failures and his maturity.

From Series: "Joseph"

The School of Hard Knocks. No one ever willingly applies to it. No one applies for scholarships in order to attend. No one wishes they could stay longer. No one wears the t-shirt. No one proudly boasts its decal on the back of their vehicle. No. One. Yet many of us have spent time in this school; many of us have gleaned wisdom while there. The curriculum was tough (even awful at times!) but, oh, what we learned. Joseph. One of the charter members on The School of Hard Knocks. As we begin our mini-series this Sunday on the events of his life (found in the book of Genesis), we'll find a young man who was unwillingly admitted to this school. But rather than find the nearest exit out of there, Joseph humbled himself under the mighty hand of God; the God who truly did exalt him at the proper time (1 Peter 5:6). There's a lot we can learn from this SHK graduate!

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