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Merle and Sue Shank - October 18, 2015

Marriage: A Hot Topic

Gender & Sexuality

Marriage. What once seemed to be an institution with a single, universal definition has now become something with several “options”: Options for who can marry one another; options for reasons to end a marriage; and options for behaviors within a marriage. How far we have come from God’s heart in this area! But just what is God’s heart for marriage? For divorce? For remarriage?

From Series: "Gender & Sexuality"

We launch our series on Gender & Sexuality rehearsing who God is and who God made us to be. Our identity, our being, our purpose – WHO WE ARE is rooted in who God made us to be and what He intends for us. We will not find who we are anywhere else: family and friends can’t define us, culture can’t redefine us, careers can’t elevate us, medicine can’t change us, and Satan can’t separate us from God’s love and His destiny for us. God alone creates our LIFE and Jesus alone gives us NEW LIFE. We are who God says we are, and anything else is accepting less. God created us in His image and blessed us as “very good” – may we wholeheartedly embrace LIFE as His blessed, very good, image bearers!

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