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Sue Shank - December 6, 2020

Meaning in the Mundane

Read through the Christmas story (Luke 1 & 2), and it's obvious that there's a lot going on: angels appearing left & right to shepherds, wise men & a teenage girl; an unusual star appearing; God speaking to people in dreams; and prophecies being given & received. So much excitement! So much activity! For many of us, the events & circumstances of 2020 have brought less excitement and less activity to our life. Perhaps apathy & lethargy have even moved in. We wonder if God can really use us in our slower than normal/less active than normal day-to-day lives. Can God move in big & exciting ways in the midst of our mundane? Some study of the shepherds and the wise men will help to give us an answer.

From Series: "A Weary World Rejoices"

Over two thousand years ago, God's people were weary as well. Weary of being oppressed. Weary of waiting for a promised Messiah to come and rescue them. Weary of God being silent. But then. At just the right time. God does speak. Things do begin to happen. And the long-awaited Savior is born! And a weary world rejoices!

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