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Mike Souder - March 8, 2015


Real Life

Each of us has a unique understanding, appreciation or fear of sexuality. Our parents, our siblings and friends, our culture and our Christian experience have together helped shape these views. We have not arrived here by accident. Each of us have made choices which have impacted where we are today as sexual beings. And yet, we would be wise to consider more deeply what God would have us believe and do with our sexuality. This week, we continue our series on Real Life by discussing five shifts needed for us as Christians regarding sexuality.

From Series: "Real Life"

This week we begin a very significant four part “mini-series” that addresses real life issues we and our society are facing. Our opening theme deals with the move in our culture toward death. It is a very sober and serious issue that pushes us toward careful study and application of Biblical truths. Open up your Bible and open up your heart to God’s truth as we dig into some culturally relevant and often divisive issues.

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