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Merle Shank - June 21, 2015

Hope For The Hopeless

God Breathed

This week in our Bible reading we cover 400+ amazing years of highlights and lowlights for God’s chosen people (1406-1000 B.C.). Moses takes Israel to the edge of their inheritance, Joshua leads them across the Jordan river to occupy the Promised Land, they fall away from God for generations, are led back to God by various memorable people (Judges), demand a king like other nations – trusting the leadership of Saul their new king, over the prophetic, anointed leadership of Samuel the prophet of God. Our reading spans generations & centuries that illustrate the “thrill of victory” and the “agony of defeat” better than sports ever will!

From Series: "God Breathed"

This week we’ll focus on Deuteronomy 6 as we continue our Bible 90 series (plowing through the entire 66 books of the bible in 90 days). As we read through Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, many of us are asking the same questions: how do we make sense of all these strange commands and regulations? What does it mean for us today and what does LOVE have to do with it all anyway? The book of Deuteronomy and chapter 6 in particular provide a valuable overview of the story of God’s people from the time of the exodus until the eve of their entrance into the land of Canaan, the land promised to Abraham 500 years prior. Deuteronomy 6 also provides a few key verses and a set of valuable reminders that we can all apply readily to life today, even in Harrisonburg, VA!

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