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Sue Shank - May 14, 2017

The Weight of a Wait

What Now?

Crucified. Resurrected. Appearing to a small group of followers. Mission accomplished.....right?? But wait..... Yup, Jesus tells His followers to WAIT because there is more. (Heavy) sigh. Ever had God make a promise to you, give you a word, a dream, a vision for your life and then........nothing. No movement whatsoever. The waiting has begun and you couldn't be more confused/frustrated/annoyed/perplexed/doubtful/discouraged. Waiting is so hard! Waiting feels so "heavy"! Waiting certainly cannot be God's will, can it?? What in the world is the purpose of waiting??

From Series: "What Now?"

"Jesus was no longer in the tomb! He had been resurrected! And they all lived happily ever after." But wait....wasn't there a time between His resurrection and when Jesus actually appeared to the disciples again? Wasn't there a time of unsettling inactivity of Jesus' presence; a time of screaming silence; a time when perhaps the disciples wondered if the One they had believed in & followed had been the world's greatest con man? What if He didn't come through? What now?? What must Jesus' disciples have been thinking & feeling during those days: fear? confusion? disillusionment? impatience? grief? hope? Just as Jesus' very own disciples felt all of these things (and more!), so can we, thousands of years later, as we face various unsettling situations in our own lives. Thankfully, the Bible addresses each of these responses...and more! Come join us this Sunday for week #1 of our new sermon series, "What Now?" as we address various reactions to difficult times and what Scripture has to say about each one.

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