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Katherine Johnson - December 3, 2017



The page in my Bible between Malachi and Matthew is simply that -a page. It separates the Old Testament from the New Testament. It separates the Messianic prophecies from their fulfillment in Jesus. It separates hope in man's best efforts from the lavish grace of a perfect Savior. It's just a page. While we have the luxury of turning the page, history hardly moved so fast. What is separated for us by a delicate, nearly translucent page represented 400 years of silence to the Jewish people. FOUR. HUNDRED. YEARS. Under the crushing Roman rule this was a painful, hostile time of angst, uncertainty and WAITING. At some point during the wait, it seems that many of God's people forgot what they were waiting for and missed the fulfillment of all God's promises. Simeon and Anna however, give us shining examples of what it looks like to wait...and to wait well.

From Series: "Adore"

Our Advent sermon series, "Adore", will be focusing on four simple words that are all a part of the Christmas story. This week, we'll focus on "Wait". There's a lot of waiting involved in the events surrounding Jesus' birth. And we'll get to see how some people waited well and some didn't. How about you? How well do you do when it comes to waiting on the Lord?

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