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Katherine Johnson - December 20, 2020

Waiting Well in a Weary World

Jesus was born into a weary world. A violent and unstable king sat on the throne. The rich Jewish traditions that brought comfort and structure had been watered down. Attempts to overthrow the Roman oppression had been squashed and God had been (seemingly) silent for 400 years. The world was tired. Forty days after Jesus’ birth, Mary and Joseph took him to the temple to fulfill the law. Except for a faithful man and an interceding woman, no one noticed that God had arrived. Simeon and Anna, however, were so familiar with the presence of God that they immediately recognized this baby. They knew that in his tiny frame Jesus held the fulfillment of all God’s promises. Their Savior had come!

From Series: "A Weary World Rejoices"

Over two thousand years ago, God's people were weary as well. Weary of being oppressed. Weary of waiting for a promised Messiah to come and rescue them. Weary of God being silent. But then. At just the right time. God does speak. Things do begin to happen. And the long-awaited Savior is born! And a weary world rejoices!

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