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Sue Shank - June 24, 2018

No Small Talk

Over All

"How 'bout that rain last night?" "How are things going at work?" "Your children doing well?" Small talk. We all have been a part of it. And there's nothing wrong with it! It just doesn't have much depth and it's not very personable. As Paul opens up his letter to the people in Colossae, he gives up no real estate to small talk. He jumps right into things of substance. And he needs to! The Colossian church was being hit with false teaching; teaching that said that Jesus wasn't God. In this letter, Paul reiterates the divinity of Christ, the sufficiency of Christ and the supremacy of Christ. He pushes home the point that Jesus is God and that He is OVER ALL! Do you believe this? Because how we see Jesus and what we believe about Him will affect how we live. Is He OVER ALL of your life?

From Series: "Over All"

OVER ALL: a series on the book of Colossians. We'll be studying a letter from the apostle Paul to a group of believers in Colossae; believers who are being infiltrated with teaching that Jesus isn't God. It was critical to Paul that the Colossians were reminded of the full supremacy & greatness of Christ. He knew that how they saw Jesus affected every area of their lives. And doesn't the same hold true for us today?

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