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Mike Souder - December 24, 2017

Why We Adore Him


This Sunday, we come to the eve of Christmas, the day we’ve waited for all month. We’ll review the Christmas story and imagine the experience of the Magi who brought Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh. We don’t know much about these visitors but we know their journey likely took them months at great personal cost and risk. Why would they make such an effort to follow a star? Could it be that they realized this star (and the child below it) had the one thing they lacked; the one thing they needed more than anything?

From Series: "Adore"

Our Advent sermon series, "Adore", will be focusing on four simple words that are all a part of the Christmas story. This week, we'll focus on "Wait". There's a lot of waiting involved in the events surrounding Jesus' birth. And we'll get to see how some people waited well and some didn't. How about you? How well do you do when it comes to waiting on the Lord?

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