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Paul Reid - April 17, 2016

Living In a Second Choice World

In Living Color

Based on the story of DANIEL we see that as a young exile, he finds himself in a foreign land. The values, customs and religion of the inhabitants of Babylon are not ones he shares. He is an alien in a foreign land. This raises questions such as will he survive? How should he behave? Should he be fearful? Can God be found in Babylon? We will see that DANIEL proves that there is no land or circumstances where God may not be experienced, celebrated and honored.

From Series: "In Living Color"

God created and loves ALL people, showing no favoritism: all races, all cultures, all ages, in all walks of life; therefore we show compassion to all people, honoring each as created in His image. Unfortunately, all around our world, in our nation, and in our local community, people are treating one another differently than God intends – often times harshly, divisively, and disrespectfully. May the body of Christ here grow to become a beautiful picture and representation of ALL people connected and unified in worshipping Jesus (Rev. 7:9-10)!

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