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Merle Shank - August 27, 2017

Can't We All Just Get Along

Sermon Collective - August

Our society is more fragmented, divided, angry, and hostile toward one another than I’ve seen in my limited and sheltered life. The hostility and hatred is global even though the specific circumstances vary from place to place. The racist hostility that manifested itself so close to home in Charlottesville has many of us reeling. At this very moment, people and countries abroad are years into civil wars, insurgencies, and genocides that have tragically taken the lives of thousands. What are we to do in these tumultuous times? What truth and guidance does God’s word give to us? Here at GCC, we believe one of our reasons to exist is to “LOVE BIG". What does that mean in the face of so much division, hatred and violence? How should we think, engage, and respond to the tragedies occurring here so close by as well as those far away?

From Series: "Sermon Collective - August"

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