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Sue Shank - October 2, 2016

Worship - The Walk of Worship


As we continue on in our "Values" series, WORSHIP is the next one of our eight core values that we'll be covering. Grace Covenant's value for worship is, "Honoring God and edifying the body of Christ by wholeheartedly offering our lives (spirit, soul, body) to Him." Wait! Why isn't there anything about music, singing or clapping of hands in that statement? Hmmm...Is worship more than a song? More than 30 minutes on a Sunday morning?

From Series: "Values"

Values. We all have them. We're all influenced by them. They are the principles we deem important and that drive & influence our behavior -- as an individual, in a marriage, at our workplace. Here are Grace Covenant, we have 8 core values. Over the coming weeks, we will be covering several of our values.

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