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Grace Kids

Our goal and passion is to build a strong biblical foundation in our kids and create space for them to encounter Jesus, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and know God for themselves.

And we work hard to create safe and interactive settings for this to happen in.

While we have a fun, family feeling in Grace Kids, we are serious about safety. All of our volunteers go through an extensive screening process and are trained to follow safety protocols. We also have cameras in all our classrooms and a security person making rounds each service. 

Our check-in system is also a big part of our safety plan. If you are visiting for the first time please look for the yellow check in signs in our foyer. A trained volunteer is there to assist you with checking in your kids before the service. 


Our two nurseries are open the entire service each Sunday and provide a safe, fun and interactive environment for children two years and under. Parents, you are welcome to keep your young ones with you in the service and utilize the nurseries at any time. Infant Nursery – Room 112. This room is designed for infants and children still learning to walk. Your child will move up to the Toddler nursery when they are sturdy enough on their feet to run. This happens at different times for everyone, but our check-in system is preset to move your child up at 18 months. You may ask check-in to adjust this to match your child’s development. A private nursing corner is located in the Infant nursery for Mom’s to use at any time. Toddler Nursery – Room 118. Children move into this nursery when they are sturdy on their feet and move up to Preschool when they turn 3 years old. Animal crackers and water are provided with an allergen free option available.

Preschool-5th Grade.

Preschool-5th grade stays in for worship and to watch “Squishy Adventures” (a short video that covers the bible point and lesson for the day). Then they are dismissed to go to class. Parents you may walk up with your children or send them on their own. Teachers will be waiting in the foyer to walk up with them. We know having the children in worship can be a work out, but we believe it’s important for children to see church life (worship, baptisms, communion) and learn to engage in these things with their families.

We are also passionate about cross-generational relationships. There is nothing more beautiful than people of all ages getting to know each other and worshipping together. On 5th Sundays we give our teachers a break and 1st-5th grade stays in for the entire service. Preschool – Room 201 A & B. This class has play time, snack, and learning time. Three year old’s start on side A (Activity Side) and Four year old’s start on side B (Learning Side). They will switch half way through the service. Please be aware of this when you pick them up. Children move out of the Preschool age group when they begin attending Kindergarten. K&1st Class- Meets in Room 200 2nd & 3rd Class- Meets in 202 4th & 5th Class- Meets in 203.

All our children are currently going through Group’s Simply Loved Curriculum. They all learn the same Bible Point and story each Sunday, and also work on the same monthly memory verse. We send home coloring pages, stickers and take-home pages that include the monthly verse and what they learned that day. 


Rebekah Marafino

Children's Ministry Director