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Katherine Johnson - July 5, 2020


After their miraculous crossing of the Red Sea (that JJ preached on last Sunday), the Israelites fall into sin & disobedience and thus disqualify themselves from entering the Promised Land. They then spend FORTY YEARS wandering in the wilderness. The Israelites were stuck in-between: they had escaped enslavement but they hadn’t yet taken possession of God’s promise. As a Christian, I too have sometimes found myself “stuck in-between": I am free from the power of sin and death, but not yet walking in the fullness of God’s provision. It was Joshua’s faith (and God’s faithfulness!) that led the Israelites out of the “in-between” and INTO the Promised Land. Joshua’s life shows us how we too can move forward through faith.

From Series: "Marvelous Fatih - East"

Take the story of Adam & Eve found in the book of Genesis. In the garden of Eden (aka the good 'ol days of perfection), God told this first couple that the growling of their stomachs could be silenced by the fruit from any tree in the entire garden except the tree of the knowledge of good & evil (Genesis 2). Along comes the enemy (snake that he is) and causes them to doubt what God really told them. Off to the tree of the knowledge of good & evil they go, pluck off an apple and..."Crunch!". A very, very familiar story to many of us because we've heard it and read it so many times. For years. But wait. Was it an apple that they ate on that fateful day? Take a look at Genesis 3 and give it another read. Sometimes it's good to hear stories again. Even those we've heard thousands of times before. We might just see or hear something we have never noticed before. We might just have our faith stirred up in a new way by an old story. Welcome to our new sermon series, Marvelous Faith.

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