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Mike Souder - February 23, 2020

The God Who Suffers


No normal person wants to suffer. We prefer to avoid suffering at all costs and for good reason. Yet it is inevitable that we will all experience pain and loss. Sometimes it's short-lived and sometimes we suffer over long, terrible periods of time. So what are we to do when it comes? How are we to make sense of it and find our way through it? This Sunday, as we continue our 4-week sermon series on “Suffering", we’ll consider the life of Jesus, the God who suffers with us and for us. Through God, we can draw encouragement knowing that despite the countless losses we face in life, we do not lose God. We are never alone.

From Series: "Suffering"

Suffering. It's a part of life. Real life. No matter who you are. No one gets around it. No one gets to skip it. No one. How do we reconcile that a loving God will allow His children to suffer? Who likes to memorize & claim the scripture that says we will have trials, sorrows & sufferings (John 16:33)? No one. And yet everyone suffers. What do we do with that?

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