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Katherine Johnson - July 21, 2019

A Great King

Summer of Psalms

History details the legacy of kings; some great and some terrible. Monarchs have been a place of deep allegiance and identity and often a cause for war. In 1776 the United States declared its independence from the reign of King George III and from that type of oppressive governance. We don’t want to be told what to do! Yet in the psalms, we find the guarantee of a good King. “The LORD reigns; he is robed in majesty (Ps. 93).” This King uses His power for our benefit. We can find deep security in the fact that He rules over heaven and earth and is high above all things.

From Series: "Summer of Psalms"

Is it any wonder then that the book of Psalms was actually written as a book of songs? Songs that people began to sing thousands of years ago and have continued on throughout the generations. Psalms full of every emotion imaginable; psalms filled with the truth of who our God is; psalms to get stuck in our head and easily remembered. We can't wait to begin our Summer of Psalms series this Sunday. It's going be something to sing about!

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