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Merle Shank - June 17, 2018



Though the cup bearer (and fellow prisoner) forgot all about Joseph, God didn’t forget him. Pharaoh had a dream that brought Joseph before the king. Joseph’s interpretation of the dream launched him into the position of overseer for Egypt’s food stores. As the 7 year famine dragged on, Joseph’s prominence grew and neighboring nations began coming to Egypt for aid. This multi-national drought became the catalyst for one of the most unusual family reunions & reconciliations ever!

From Series: "Joseph"

The School of Hard Knocks. No one ever willingly applies to it. No one applies for scholarships in order to attend. No one wishes they could stay longer. No one wears the t-shirt. No one proudly boasts its decal on the back of their vehicle. No. One. Yet many of us have spent time in this school; many of us have gleaned wisdom while there. The curriculum was tough (even awful at times!) but, oh, what we learned. Joseph. One of the charter members on The School of Hard Knocks. As we begin our mini-series this Sunday on the events of his life (found in the book of Genesis), we'll find a young man who was unwillingly admitted to this school. But rather than find the nearest exit out of there, Joseph humbled himself under the mighty hand of God; the God who truly did exalt him at the proper time (1 Peter 5:6). There's a lot we can learn from this SHK graduate!

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