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Merle Shank - April 22, 2018

Don't Worry


As we continue on in our Higher sermon series, we move from practical teaching on money to instruction from Jesus on not worrying. What a relevant topic for today! According to research by the American Psychological Assoc., stress levels (worry) continue to rise each year with finances and work/job being the top two stressors. But Jesus gives us a higher way to live: His Kingdom is a worry free zone!

From Series: "Higher"

We'll be looking at one of Jesus' longest sermons on record -- the Sermon on the Mount. So, yes, we'll be doing sermons on a sermon...not 5 but not 30 either! Just 10. Ten weeks of covering the multitude of topics that Jesus talks about in Matthew 5-7. If you're fine with "just getting by" in your walk with the Lord, these words of Jesus' might make you squirm a bit. He raises the bar high; higher than what the world thinks is sensible. Maybe higher than what we think is sensible. But there's life within life within life when we follow His ways! It's going to be a great series!

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