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Merle Shank - July 28, 2019

Glorious Thanksgiving

Summer of Psalms

So far in our Summer of Psalms series, we have studied psalms as hymns, as laments, and psalms of royalty & enthronement. This week, we'll embrace psalms of thanksgiving. Whether you are struggling mightily or overflowing with favor and blessing – giving thanks (thanksgiving) is always good therapy! Giving thanks to God glorifies Him and reminds us of His goodness and greatness!

From Series: "Summer of Psalms"

Is it any wonder then that the book of Psalms was actually written as a book of songs? Songs that people began to sing thousands of years ago and have continued on throughout the generations. Psalms full of every emotion imaginable; psalms filled with the truth of who our God is; psalms to get stuck in our head and easily remembered. We can't wait to begin our Summer of Psalms series this Sunday. It's going be something to sing about!

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