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Katherine Johnson - November 22, 2020

Go Higher

Elite athletes will often train at higher altitudes. The thinner air forces their bodies to create more red blood cells thus helping them be stronger and run faster. As believers we have been given the Bible as an invitation to a higher training ground. The world is noisy and messy; confusing and hostile. Scripture beckons us to a higher perspective; to a place of peace and life and hope outside the fray. I recently heard someone say that “Whatever informs us, forms us.” Choose the Bible as your preferred source. The gift of scripture continually serves to elevate our view of God and to powerfully transform us into the kind of people we were purposed to be.

From Series: "Stand Alone - Nov. 22, 2020"

"You are what you eat." Meaning? If you eat healthy foods, your body will most likely be healthy. If you eat bad food, chances are your body will be unhealthy. You can't stay fit with Fritos. What are you feeding your spirit these days? Because it, too, will either be healthy & thriving or unhealthy & lacking depending on what you put into it. What have you been taking in & consuming that's feeding - and thus affecting - your spirit, your heart, your thoughts? You are what you eat...in the natural and the spiritual. God's Word: THE best source of food to feed our spirit. Hunger & thirst for it. Come and eat.

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