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Sue Shank - December 11, 2016

Greater Range, Greater Change

Everlasting Light

Luke 20:1-20. This is a very, very familiar passage of scripture that is read during the Christmas season. Why, even Linus quoted 7 of these verses in explaining to Charlie Brown what Christmas was truly all about! But is there more to these verses than meets the eye? Was there more going on here? Jesus, the Everlasting Light, is born...and things - and people - begin to change.

From Series: "Everlasting Light"

Everlasting Light. What was this light that shone in the darkness? What kind of light can breathe life to our hopes and peace to our fears? Was this a light that just made an appearance in Bethlehem when Jesus was born...never to be experienced again? Everlasting Light. Lasts forever. That would include now. That would include us! "Everlasting Light" --- our sermon series for this Advent season as we prepare our hearts for Christmas.

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