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Merle Shank - August 14, 2016

Living For God

Grace and Hope

Peter says that godless people will “think it strange” when we no longer plunge into destructive, wasteful and immoral living alongside of them. Standing out as different and being “strange” doesn’t sound like such a great thing – especially if it is a result of following God. Can it really be that being good and doing goodwill result in adversity and abuse? Peter shows us the source of grace and hope that we can rely on when confronting abuse and suffering.

From Series: "Grace and Hope"

As Peter writes this letter to the Christians scattered throughout Asia Minor, they are already encountering some measure of persecution – and it appears that even more suffering is on the horizon. This letter is an encouragement to follow Christ’s example and remain faithful no matter what kind of suffering these trials produce. Throughout this short book in the New Testament, Peter urges believers to have hope and to continue trusting the Lord no matter what the circumstance.

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