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Sue Shank - March 15, 2015

Money: Greed, Need or Seed?

Real Life

Bills. Debt. Lottery. College tuition. Tithing. Budget. Stingy. Frugal. Generous. Wealth. Taxes. Giving, Purchasing. Saving. All of these terms conjure up different thoughts in each one of us in regards to money. Today’s culture has plenty to say about what we “should” be doing with our money – and plenty of evidence to show what we actually are doing with it. Is any of it in line with Scripture? We have to have money in order to function in today’s society. But how can we make sure the money we have doesn’t have us?

From Series: "Real Life"

This week we begin a very significant four part “mini-series” that addresses real life issues we and our society are facing. Our opening theme deals with the move in our culture toward death. It is a very sober and serious issue that pushes us toward careful study and application of Biblical truths. Open up your Bible and open up your heart to God’s truth as we dig into some culturally relevant and often divisive issues.

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