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Mike Souder - October 11, 2015

Sexuality and ‘Singleness’

Gender & Sexuality

As Christians, what can we say to 100 million+ adult “singles” in our country regarding sexuality? Can we realistically tell half the adult population to simply wait till they get married? And more importantly, what would God want “singles” to know and what would God share with us through the Scriptures for those unmarried? And why am I writing “singles” in “quotations” anyway? This week we continue our 5-week series on Gender and Sexuality looking at the idea of sexuality and “singleness”. We anticipate God bringing hope and freedom again this Sunday like He does day after day in our lives.

From Series: "Gender & Sexuality"

We launch our series on Gender & Sexuality rehearsing who God is and who God made us to be. Our identity, our being, our purpose – WHO WE ARE is rooted in who God made us to be and what He intends for us. We will not find who we are anywhere else: family and friends can’t define us, culture can’t redefine us, careers can’t elevate us, medicine can’t change us, and Satan can’t separate us from God’s love and His destiny for us. God alone creates our LIFE and Jesus alone gives us NEW LIFE. We are who God says we are, and anything else is accepting less. God created us in His image and blessed us as “very good” – may we wholeheartedly embrace LIFE as His blessed, very good, image bearers!

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