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Our Team

Cesar Gomez

Associate Pastor - Grace en Español

Cesar was born in a small town called Laja in Central Chile. He is married to Jacqueline and they have three children, Sandy, Jony and Josh. 

Cesar and Jacqui met in the missionary field and remained in the missionary field in various countries around the world for 17 years.

They then focused their attention planting a church in Patagonia, Chile, in a city called Puerto Montt. This place became home to their family for 21 years. During this time they created several businesses that supported them financially as they grew their family of 5. 

His academic background includes 3 theological seminaries, Bachelors in Education and Counseling, Bachelor in Leadership, Bachelor in Primary Health Care, Bachelor in Administration Sciences, Master in  Business Administration. He will always be a perpetual student.

In recent years other than serving as a Pastor for a local church, he also was an Economics Professor in Chile. 

Cesars hobby is spending time with his 3 grandchildren that keep him young and full of life. 

He is an advocate of leading people into God’s grace and inspire others to reach their divine purpose in life. 

Cesars passion is to leave a generational legacy that will prove over and over God’s goodness upon his children.